Perinatal Center soon to be turned-over to VSMMC


The on-going construction for the Perinatal Center

In keeping the social responsibility and in fostering quality education to the pursuit of excellence in the medical field, the MHAM CM INC. delightfully present the construction of the Perinatal Center soon to be turned-over to the Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center and be named as the VSMMC-Matias H. Aznar Memorial Building.

The construction of a three-storey building which commenced last September 15, 2014 is part of the Memorandum Of Agreement that MHAM is committing to VSMMC as the former is in need of a Base Hospital where its medical students can undertake training known under the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) regulations.

This is in compliance prescribed by  CHED to be complied by all medical institutions in the country including MHAM CM.

Clinical subjects on Physical Diagnosis for the second year, Junior Clerkship for the third year and Senior Clerkship for the fourth year students are subject to the requirement for a Base Hospital.

The Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center which is a tertiary medical center, teaching/training medical facility located in B. Rodriquez Street, Cebu City continually strengthened its ties with MHAM in which the latter has been widely-known as producers of board topnotchers to the pursuit of becoming dedicated physicians rooted from a rich diversity.

In a Memorandum Of Agreement between VSMMC and MHAM signed last August 13, 2014 at the MHAM CM Redemptorist Plaza Camputhaw, Cebu City, the VSMMC has agreed to serve as Base Hospital and shall open all necessary facilities to MHAM in the achievement of its goals.

During the MOA signing, the VSMMC was represented by Dr. Gerardo M. Aquino Jr. while the Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine Inc. were represented by its current President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Elma Aznar-Sierra and Dean Dr. Arlene M. Diaz.

As part of the agreement in training program, the VSMMC agrees to allow the MHAM medical students to be trained in the VSMMC premises represented by its Training Officer Dr. Celia M. Mabalatan.

In a recent interview with MHAM Chief of Clinics and Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences Dr. Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto, the majority of the rotations for MHAM fourth year students will be in VSMMC as Base Hospital. “First, in compliance with the CHED requirement, we really need a Base Hospital and fortunately we were able to have a MOA with VSMMC. The advantage is it’s a government hospital so they have a lot of patients therefore it’s an opportunity for our students to have lots of patients and will not be wrestling for possible patients. ”, said Dr. Manaloto.

On the other hand, MHAM also negotiated with Chong Hua Hospital so the fifteen-day rotations for the four major departments will be there. Senior clerks were divided into twelve groups with sub-groups in Lapu-lapu City Health Center, Cebu Skin Clinic, CHH and VCMMC.


Interview with MHAM Chief of Clinics and Associate Dean for Clinical Sciences- Ma. Socorro G. Manaloto, MD, FPOGS

In addition, the VSMMC allows the students the use of the hospital facilities and require the students to wear the proper uniforms, sign attendance sheet, accomplish forms, submit records and perform other related duties and responsibilities.

The VSMMC may deem necessary for the proper and effective monitoring of the students attendance, behavior and performance and in general for the effective and efficient implementation of the training contemplated in the agreement.

MHAM on its part must design, formulate and prepare a training program in the field of medicine to be used for the students.

Likewise, MHAM will not allow their students to report to VSMMC without the presence of the Clinical Instructor and/or Preceptor who shall supervise and accompany each student while the latter are within the premises of the VSMMC at all times.

The term of the agreement between the VSMMC and MHAM CM shall be fifteen (15) years commencing from August 13, 2014 and expiring on August 12, 2029 with the option to renew by both parties under the mutually agreed conditions.


Preview of the VSMMC- Matias H. Aznar Memorial Building

22-year old Gautan Sylesh Viswanathan from Chennai City, India who enrolled the Physical Diagnosis subject this semester is one of the students who will be utilizing the Perinatal Center as soon as it will be officially operational. “Looking at it academically, I am happy and contended with the thought that Vicente Sotto Memorial Medical Center is a public hospital which means to say that I am expecting to meet different walks of life in the Visayan region. The more patients, the more I will be enhanced in the field”, said Viswanathan in an interview.

A formal turn-over ceremony of the Perinatal Center to VSMMC will be held next month.

On the other hand, the newly-composed MHAM HYMN will be officially sung during the said event. (Ana Liza Abao)