A leading medical institution, anchored in excellence, forming globally competitive and morally upright medical professionals by 2025.


MHAM College of Medicine hopes to develop holistic medical professionals who possess the knowledge and skills required for a solid foundation on the essential elements of the medical profession, including moral and ethical principles and legal responsibilities underlying the profession.


1. Excellence

To develop medical professionals who posess the highest standards of medical care and research, with a commitment to a set of shared values and responsibilities to uphold these values, capable of adapting to changes in health care delivery systems in the context of their practice.

2. Professionalism

To form lifelong learners who possess the values of altruism, responsibility, compassion, empathy, accountability, honesty, integrity, with an obligation to promote, protect and enhance these values for the benefit of patients, the profession, and society at large.

3. Leadership

To develop leaders knowledgeable on international health status, of global trends in morbidity and mortality of chronic diseases of social significance, an understanding of the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and inter-sectoral collaboration in health care delivery, and proficient in the formulation of policies relevant to the needs of the country and the global community.

4. Nationalism and Internationalism

To nurture men and women who possess a deep love of the country and service to the community, an understanding of the mechanisms that determine equity in access to health care, and sensitivity to cultural and personal factors that improve interactions with patients in the community, the country and the rest of the world.


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