MHAM gives reward to board topnotchers in a testimonial luncheon for new physicians

Welcome back, MATIAS DOCTORS…

Gearing towards the next journey in the medical field to blend clinical excellence with compassion for the patients as they finally took the oath as licensed physicians, the Matias topnotchers together with other new doctors from batch ELIXIR gracefully attended the traditional testimonial luncheon for the new physicians which was held at AVR 1 last May 6, 2019.

Our New Physicians from BATCH ELIXIR…

Delightfully held and sustained to give due and honor to the new doctors for September and March board passers, the testimonial luncheon is one of the heartwarming moments among MHAM graduates to see the former professors and mentors after they left the portals of their Alma Mater- their home for four challenging yet fulfilling years.

We Are MHAM: Luncheon celebration with the NEW MATIAS DOCTORS of 2017

Out of 122 successful examinees mostly from the class of 2017, only twenty-four new ELIXIR doctors were able to attend the gathering due to time constraints and other important endeavors that they need to prioritize.

The New Doctors of 2017: Celebrating success with the MHAM way

The associate dean for Basic Sciences, Dr. Allan R. Librando, opened the short program in honor for the new physicians with a warm welcome address.

MHAM Associate Dean for Basic Sciences, Dr. Allan R. Librando in his welcome address…

“I am proud to say that these are our graduates and new doctors who placed MHAM as the 3rd top performing school with two topnotchers and that is the culmination, a summation of all the hardship and emotional stress that you and your parents underwent. Now that you are doctors, you can look back to us; your mentors, your family, and your new families. I would say that this is an event that we always hold every year and we are making it as a tradition to welcome our new doctors for passing the board examination to give them due honors. We are so glad and happy that you came as you are the cream of the crop”, Dr. Librando said.

With the MHAM Board of Trustee & VP for External Affairs, Ms. Angelica Aznar Sierra during the luncheon celebration…

Graced by the MHAM member of the board of trustees and vice president for external affairs, Ms. Angelica Sierra led the awarding of the plaque of recognition to Dr. Daniel C. Panaglima and Dr. Jessa Elaine B. Fronda who topped the March 2019 Physician Licensure Examination on third and fifth places, respectively.

MHAM rewards topnotchers in the March 2019 Physician Licensure Examination…

Moreover, Dr. Panaglima received a reward check worth eighty percent (80%) from his total tuition fee while Dr. Fronda received a total of sixty percent (60%) handed by the VP for external affairs.

The simple yet meaningful recognition for the topnotchers was represented by Ms. Angelica Sierra, Dr. Allan Librando and Dr. Luditha Lumapat-Pe for the meritorious honor and prestige they have given back to the institution that modeled them to what they have become in their medical journey.

L-R: Dr. Allan R. Librando, Ms. Angelica Aznar Sierra, Dr. Jessa Elaine B. Fronda, Dr. Daniel C. Panaglima and Dr. Luditha Lumapat-Pe during the awarding of the plaque of recognition

According to the fifth placer who also topped the licensure examination for Nursing in 2012, Dr. Jessa Elaine Fronda, being a full academic scholar in MHAM is something that she will cherish forever. Honored to have been one of the recipients in the scholarship grants under the flagship of the MHAM Honors Society, the consistent academic achiever shared her thoughts and experiences after she embarked into a surpassing level of success in the medical field.

Honoring the Matias scholar-topnotchers: With Dr. Daniel C. Panaglima and Dr. Jessa Elaine B. Fronda of Batxh ELIXIR during the awarding of gift check & plaque of recognition

“I’m so blessed with this privilege to top the boards and have realized that we should always do our best in everything we do; all the hardships, tears, studying, and sacrifices will be worth it in the end. MHAM has been very generous with us in the past four years of our studies, they have granted us with scholarship, and after the boards, they have also rewarded us and I am so much grateful for that”, Dr. Fronda said.

The gems of MHAM with Ms. Angelica Sierra…

Overjoyed yet kind of scared from people’s high expectations for topping the boards twice, Dr. Fronda, on the other hand,  shared her learning style and study routines aside from being motivated to achieve her goals. “During my Medicine years, I read God’s word before studying and I always pray to God for knowledge, understanding and guidance on which materials or topics to read and to focus on. I usually sleep at 10pm and wake up early at 3am. Whenever I feel sleepy, I take power naps for 20 to 30 minutes. I usually read the materials 2 to 3 times before a quiz or exam since my memory isn’t that good. Whenever I see a common thing about two topics or diseases, I put a note on the side of the second disease  and check the first disease or topic, and if I find out that more diseases and topics have that same characteristic, I list it on a small paper or simply post it on a notebook. I also write my own notes from the book if time permits. I listen to the lectures and takes down notes, as it helped me to have an idea with the topic. I write fast but sometimes I miss some parts and check the book when I study at home. Sometimes, few minutes before exams, we ask possible questions with each other and after the exam, I spend few minutes marking my notes with the topics that came out during the exams. Doing this makes me aware with the topics I got wrong and need to focus on next time”, she added.

Moments with former mentor-mentee now physicians: Dr. Panaglima & Dr. Fronda with their MHAM professors

Fostering the love of reading and learning throughout her studies, the Matias topnotcher also gave some tips to the present aspiring doctors and scholars and make it as a habit and a marker for success from the very first day in med school. “To our future Matias doctors, have a planner, write your schedules and study time, and be strict with your schedule”, the fifth placer concluded.

The pride of MHAM: With the topnotchers, faculty doctors & administration

The event was also graced by some MHAM graduate-doctors including Dr. Charles Cabataña, Dr. Vanessa Fajardo-Nery, Dr. Annette Salillas, Dr. Rosemarie Diaz, Dr. Fe Cabugao, Dr. Ma. Luisita Caturza, and Dr. Rainelda Veloso.

One journey. One feat. One community.

Sharing their experiences as they came together as a batch, the new doctors of class 2017 who shared same challenges in med school created a significant legacy for making their Alma Mater a top performing school through their laudable and phenomenal performance in the March 2019 Physician Licensure Examination.

HR director, Mr. Pedro Pañares facilitated the short program together with the presence of the AVP for administration, Mr. Francisco Bacalla.

With Mr. Pedro Pañares, Dr. Luditha Lumapat-Pe, Mr. Francisco Bacalla & Dr. Charles Cabataña…

An institutionalized message from Dr. Luditha Lumapat-Pe concluded the heartwarming get-together among the new Matias doctors of 2017 who are now part of the MHAM mavens of the field. She also acknowledged the presence of other faculty doctors whose dedication, passion and mentorship contributed the new physicians’ success.

Inspiring words from MHAM College Registrar/ Scholarship Committee Chairperson/ Department of Biochemistry Chair, Luditha Lumapat-Pe, MD, FPAAB, DPPS

“In behalf of the MHAM family I would like to thank you for coming over on this testimonial luncheon for our new physicians and board topnotchers. Indeed it is a delight to see all, our new physicians, although not all are here. The members of the family are very happy for all your efforts, perseverance and hard work for putting MHAM College of Medicine in the limelight as the top 3 performing school for physicians all over the country in the Physician Licensure Examination given last March 2019. To all of you, thank you very much and congratulations. To our dear board topnotchers whom I represented their parents yesterday during the oathtaking as instant godmother, Dr. Panaglima and Dr. Fronda, congratulations. I have watched you performed starting from first year as DMAS scholars, for being consistent dean’s listers as you never out of the lists and graduated cum laude. You never failed our expectations. You made it to the top and we are very proud of you. Less we won’t forget to acknowledge your professors, your mentors, your teachers, who have hold and prepared you to what you will become and what you have become today. To your loving parents and loveones, we thank them for the loving care and support as what Dr. Almoro said, ‘they are the winds beneath your wings’. And above all we thank the Almighty Father for the blessings and for answering your prayers, we owe Him everything for we know that without Him, we are absolutely nothing. To each one of you, our new physicians, as you practice Medicine always remember that the end of the stethoscope is a human being. You took the oath of Hippocrates to practice Medicine with ethical and moral values. Do good to your patients and do no harm. As you touch others lives, continue to be a blessing to them”, said the college registrar.

The MHAM way: (L-R) AVP for Administration, Mr. Francisco B. Bacalla; Department of Physiology Chairperson, Dr. Rainelda U. Veloso; March 2019 PLE 5th placer, Dr. Jessa Elaine B. Fronda; Board of Trustee Member & VP for External Affairs, Ms. Angelica Aznar Sierra; March 2019 PLE 3th placer, Dr. Daniel C. Panaglima; College Registrar, Dr. Luditha Lumapat-Pe; and HR Director, Mr. Pedro U. Pañares

Forever indebted to the institution with a lifetime brand as MHAM gems, the seven topnotchers for five years in a row are testimonies that competency in education is also attributed to students who, taking ownership of their learning, have given their whole heart and mind in the pursuit of excellence aside from the instructional support they acquired where greatness becomes a mastery. (Ana Liza Abao)