Matias MDs: Shaping meaningful lives with the Class of 2019

Creating MHAMemories with the Class of 2019…

Filled with courageous stories to tell just to unravel a small blessed step yet meaningful milestone as Matias doctors of 2019, the graduate-doctors of batch NEXUS successfully made an event to remember in the 69th Investiture and Commencement Exercises held at the Grand Pacific Ballroom, Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino last June 20, 2019.

Tears of pure joy: Because countless challenges unlocked the lane to success

Witnessed by their respective family members, relatives, sponsors and close friends, the two hundred thirty-nine (239) graduates who steadily understood what it entailed being a physician from a childhood dream were as proud as their parents for achieving their noble mission to save lives.

Officially MDs with proud parents…

Strengthened by the passion and desire not just to heal the sick but to serve with a heart, this year’s graduation ceremonies have some light to moving moments which marked the emotional end of four or more grueling but inspiring years in med school.

One goal. One faith. One mission.

Gracing the heartwarming event as this year’s honored guest and keynote speaker, the new director of CHEDRO VII, Dr. Maximo C. Aljibe, reminded the graduate-doctors of batch NEXUS that each purpose in life can shape lives rooted from the chances to dreams.

Petition of Hooding with Dr. Jhe Jean D. Cenabre…

Cherished as one of the most awaited traditional part of hopeful graduates, this year’s petition of hooding was led by Dr. Jhe Jean D. Cenabre who was bestowed with the Dean’s Medallion Award and distinction among her batchmates.

“”I am so happy that my hard work and perseverance have been paid off and my heart is filled with lifetime gratitude to my parents who worked hard and sent me to MHAM.”…- Jhe Jean De la Torre Cenabre, RN, MD on her academic achievement

“Every graduation is a milestone to one’s life. For our batch, batch NEXUS in the four years we had in med school we’ve been into ups and downs. We met a lot of challenges along the way and even some turbulence few weeks before our graduation. This this made our graduation more meaningful. There are feelings that had been hurt but the joy of our graduation which signifies the fruits of our labors and so as our parents and sponsors hard work still lingers. It was such an honor and a privilege to lead the petition for hooding for my batch. This 69th commencement and investiture exercises, is just another step of the ladder, as batch NEXUS continue to fulfill our dreams”, Dr. Cenabre said in an interview.

A registered nurse by profession from Inabanga, Bohol, Dr. Cenabre was one of the silent but consistent dean’s lister in MHAM and a dedicated academic achiever since grade school. Known by her innate skills and influence of study habits on academic performance in silence and modesty, the medallion recipient added that there’s much more to life than being the top of the class.

Interview with a MHAM gem, Jhe Jean De la Torre Cenabre, RN, MD

“The edge of a Matias doctor is fully depicted in our very own MHAM Hymn. The four years we are in MHAM, we were inculcated with the true spirit of a medical doctor. We are not only equipped with knowledge but we are also properly trained with our skills- we had the best exposure during our clerkship. And so as in every work we have, we were embodied to have the heart to heal. These made us more independent and competent in our field of practice and this is the edge of being a Matias maven which we uphold as we leave the portals of MHAM and beyond”, she added.

Dean’s Medallion Awardee: Resounding success with her parents

Aside from Dr. Cenabre, Dr. Mark Joseph Villo, Dr. Hannah Mae Radjac, Dr. Athena Mae Ibon and Dr. Venalyn Clemen also reaped the fruit of their labor as they were conferred as Dean’s Medallion Awardees together with the Dean’s Medallion For Excellence in Clinical Performance, Dean’s Medallion for Leadership, and Outstanding Research Award recipients.

Matias Doctors of 2019 with their respective families…

Meanwhile a proud mom from Minglanilla, Cebu, Mrs. Norma Aljas, could not contain her gratification that her daughter, Dr. Jady Jean Aljas, was among the 239 graduates in the 69th Investiture and Commencement Exercises.

Proud Mom:  With Mrs. Noma Aljas in an interview

A mother of three children who were already professional, Mrs. Aljas shared that parenting is indeed challenging especially that her better half is based in Saudi Arabia but to see their children grow not just in wisdom and attainment is her greatest joy and accomplishment as a parent. Her eldest is a registered nurse while the youngest is currently taking up Bachelor of Laws at San Beda College and a Malacañang Palace employee at the same time.

“I believe that a mother’s dream is to see her children to become successful with fulfillment of what they truly desired in life”…- Mrs. Noma Aljas on her daughter’s success

“As a mother I feel so proud and happy that at last my daughter made it. Unfortunately my husband, who works abroad, could not come here to celebrate with us because his flight is scheduled today but my daughter is happily joined by his brother and her uncle who came here just to attend her graduation day. Although my feelings are mixed and indescribable, I believe that a mother’s dream is to see her children to become successful with fulfillment of what they truly desired in life”, Mrs Aljas said.

Creating MHAMomentous event with Dr. Rachel Ruth N. Orongan…

Forever thankful for the overflowing love and support by her parents since she started her medical journey in MHAM, Dr. Rachel Ruth N. Orongan expressed her gratitude to all who have been part of her med life. A graduate of BS in Medical Laboratory Science from Mintal, Davao City, the 27-year old alumna is also known as the ‘med cosplayer of Davao’ aside from her fervor to serve where healing became an art.

With Dr. Rachel Ruth N. Orongan

“I am very blessed as I don’t deserve an MD, I don’t deserve to be called a doctor, not in behalf of God’s grace.  I am always grateful to my family for supporting me to achieve my dream. This day will always be part of my journey as a MHAM graduate and I look forward to see my batchmates in the future. There is so much to be thankful for”, Dr. Orongan said.

Redefining squad goals with Dr. Rachel Ruth N. Orongan and co-Matias graduate-doctors of Batch NEXUS…

Joined by her close friends who truly understood the essence of sacrifice and hard work in med school, Dr. Orongan is planning to serve her co-Davaoeños as she will embark another step for Post Graduate Internship.

Words from an Indian Alumnus: With Dr. Elvin M. Christian

For a 24-year old foreign alumnus who finished BS Biological Sciences as his premed degree, Dr. Elvin M. Christian of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India, will surely miss a lot of people and experiences in MHAM as he is set to go back to his country for PGIship and board examination. Having been stayed in the Philippines for five years now, Christian was joined by his sister who supported him and his brother who is also a MHAM medical clerk at present.

With Dr. Elvin Milton Christian in an interview…

“I feel so excited as this is the day that I’ve been waiting for in my whole med life and I am so happy and blessed to be here right now with my sister and brother. I will definitely miss the campus, the friendship that I had, my groupmates and classmates, and all the memories that we have together as a batch with the professors and preceptors”, 24-year old Christian said.

One MHAMoment in time…

This year, batch NEXUS was led by its class president and former MHAM Honors Society (MHAHso) president, Dr. Athena Mae L. Ibon, who once stated that it’s not at all times that they are being measured by numbers but what counts the most is how they become and how much determination and spirit they put in, until they finish the journey.

With Batch NEXUS Class President: Athena Mae Loquillano Ibon, RN, MSN, MD

“To everyone; to my batchmates who helped me in coming up with this event, to the faculty members, to the administration, to the batch, which almost give up but did not, let’s give ourselves a big round of applause. To our physician licensure examination, we shall aim high and that should be a promise. Again, a big hand to our parents, to our teachers, and to ourselves”, said the former student-leader after the graduation rites.

One Blessed Step with the Class of 2019…

Noted as the highest number of graduates in the portals of MHAM, the diverse class of 2019 had contributed to the institution as a whole with one dream, one goal, one name, and the last batch that have spent their medical journey at the Redemptorist campus for four motivating years.

Matias MDs: The Class of 2019 in the 69th Investiture and Commencement Exercises

Rising firm before the world, these graduate-doctors who keep going to the ladder of fruition and triumph can become an epitome of solid flying colors because the most coveted two-letter will shape their meaningful lives as God’s instruments of grace. (Ana Liza Abao)