Hail to the Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine Official Hymn


Lyrics by Carlito L. Astillero, MD, FPSMID, FASCP, PAFP
Music by Jay-arr F. Librando, MAPM




We are MHAM, anchored in excellence

Doctors we produce from dreamers who deserve

Physicians with commitment and dedicated self

Community-oriented mavens of the field



We stand united in every endeavor

Uphold our good name, integrity and honor

Rising firm before the world

We are MHAM! We are MHAM!

Proud to shout to all the world

We are MHAM!


We act with high esteem and deepest admiration

Observe polite behavior, role models we reveal

Transparent in our duties, detest discrimination

We proudly say we’re MHAM, and this is how we act